SIP SIMPLE SDK installation on Linux

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This document described the installation procedure on 
Linux operating systems.

Step 1. Prerequisites

Install the C compiling environment, Python 3 and the development version
for the following packages:

 * openssl
 * ffmpeg

Step 2. Install system dependencies

See Dependencies.txt for detailed description of the required libraries and
their minimum version number.

Use the appropriate package manager for your Linux distribution to install
the following packages, notice the minimum version numbers.

You can use the easy_install script provided by the python-setuptools
package to install the packages:

sudo pip3 install -U cython dnspython lxml twisted python-dateutil \
greenlet zope.interface requests

Step 3. Install AG Projects dependencies

 - python3-application
 - python3-eventlib
 - python3-gnutls
 - python3-otr
 - python3-msrplib
 - python3-xcaplib

For each of them, in the exact order as listed above, retrieve the packages
as follows:

Using darcs:

darcs clone

replace PROJECT with each of the names above

As tar archives from:

Install these packages by going into each directory.

Using pip3 inside your user environment:

pip3 install --user .

System-wide using

sudo python3 install

As a debian package:


The debian package can be found inside ./dist folder

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Step 4. Install the SDK

The SDK consists of two packages:

 - python3-sipsimple
 - sipclients3 (optional, for testing all SDK functions)

Install them similar to the dependencies above.

Step 5. Testing the SDK

Use the command line tools provided by sipclients3 package, the executables
start with sip- prefix

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